Environmental Geochemistry Consulting

Yakov Galperin, Ph.D.
EGC Consulting


EGC is a nationally recognized consulting company specializing in advanced chemical fingerprinting, environmental forensic geochemistry, and litigation support.

EGC offers extensive experience and background in environmental chemistry and petroleum geochemistry to address major issues encountered in environmental forensic studies, including:

·     WHAT is the nature and type of product(s) released at a site?

·        WHERE did the contamination occur and what was its extent?

·        WHEN was a hydrocarbon contaminant released?

·        WHO is responsible for the site contamination?


      Major components of a typical study include:


·        Data analysis

·        Chemical fingerprinting of contaminants

·        Site geology and hydrology

·        Historical record

·        Contaminant fate and transport

·        Results presentation



EGC provides support to environmental professionals, insurance companies, and attorneys in environmental site assessment, remediation monitoring, and dispute resolution.