Environmental Geochemistry Consulting

Yakov Galperin, Ph.D.

   Accidental releases of crude oil and refined petroleum products are the most common sources of hydrocarbon contamination in terrestrial and aquatic environments. Because petroleum is a labile mixture, the composition of a product released into the environment begins to change almost immediately because of numerous biochemical and physical processes. Depending on the site-specific conditions, environmental weathering often changes chemical composition of hydrocarbon fuel to such a degree that identification of its type becomes a challenge and further complicates source allocation in environmental samples.


   EGC offers highly specialized analytical and interpretive approaches required for accurate determination of liability for the resulting hydrocarbon contamination. EGC is a leader in the development and implementation of a powerful methodology for identification, differentiation and source-allocation of hydrocarbon contaminants. EGC combines specialized analytical procedures with scientific principles of organic geochemistry and provides state-of-the-art analysis and data interpretation. When applied to investigations of escaped petroleum products, this methodology provides a valuable tool for obtaining scientifically proven results and evidence admissible in legal disputes.


   EGC performed numerous investigations throughout the United States and provided critical scientific evidence that assisted in resolving legal disputes related to the source of contaminants and determining potential responsible parties. Such cases involved nearly every type of petroleum product possible, from crude oil to gasoline, including: finished products, refinery intermediates,  fuels, lubricating oils, and wastes.


  EGC's experience also includes projects involving other significant environmental contaminants such as coal tars and Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) wastes, road runoff and non-point sources, chlorinated solvents, pesticides, polychlorinated biphenyls, and Aroclors.


   EGC's capabilities and experience are recognized by major oil companies, engineering consultants, and law firms in the United States. The experience in petroleum and hydrocarbon chemistry, combined with the understanding of regulatory protocols, makes EGC well suited to assist you with your litigation and environmental forensic projects.